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If you are a college senior graduating this year, you have about 1 quarter left before you will be let out into the real world. It is a scary time for many who have virtually spent their whole lives in school up to this point. The protection of the academic environment will be gone and you will be expected to get a job and produce.


Unlike high school and college where you just signed up for the classes you wanted to take (maybe you had to earn your way into some of them), the real world is much different. It is cutthroat out there and you are soon going to be thrown right into the mix.

The High Unemployment Issue

Most college students who will soon be graduating should be well aware of the national unemployment rate of 8.9%. What are their chances of getting a job with the limited work history they have? What kind of job will they realistically be able to get and what will it pay?

These questions are prompting many students to consider graduate school instead. They figure they can put off the pain of looking for,and maybe not getting, a job a bit longer. With more education under their belt they should be more employable in a year or two when they look for a job and the economy might be doing better then as well. But is this really a good choice, especially if you are doing it just to avoid the job crunch right now?

Graduate School Is Not Always An Asset

First of all, the more educated you are may NOT necessarily help you in your search for a job now or at any time. If all you have ever done is go to school, many employers may prefer to hire job candidates that have real world and real job experience. Just because you have proven you can be a student does NOT prove you can be a good employee.


Then there is the cost issue: piling on more years of student loans and increasing your debt will just mean that it will take that much longer to dig out from under it. Remember, those student loans are not going to go away and it really sucks (excuse me) to have to pay those things back when you are well into your 30′s or even 40′s.

Graduate school can be beneficial if you have a plan and know that it can ultimately help you get a job or get a higher salary. But now days many people get jobs first and go to graduate school later on. After they have some of that valuable job experience on their resume and a clear idea of what career path they want to pursue, they then go to grad school to increase their chances.

Employers Always Like Experience

The most important thing to think about is the fact that employers ALWAYS like your experience. The more you have of it the better. Going to grad school right after you graduate college will, in most cases, limit the amount of real world job experience you will be able to get. Being overeducated is not good either and may actually sometimes  hurt your chances of being hired.

Finding jobs for college graduates in 2017 is not going to be easy or fun, that is for sure. You probably won’t get your dream job or the job you really want but going to graduate school might not be the best choice either. It might actually end up hurting you by putting you more in debt without having gained any real advantage. So think about it carefully: either way it’s a tough decision.


According to a poll by Philadelphia market research company Twentysomething Inc., 85% of college graduates are now having to move back home! You can read the article here from CNN Money that says that unemployment is 15% for people ages 20 to 24.


This is awful news for anyone still in college who is working hard to get their degree so they can graduate and get a job. Jobs for college graduates are harder to find than ever before and even if you are able to find one, it might not pay enough for you to live on your own.

Job pay going down is something that is not mentioned in the media as often as it should be. Jobs are not paying as much as they once were and/or people aren’t getting raises because employers can’t afford to give them. Many businesses have had to make a decision of freezing salaries, lowering salaries, or doing away with jobs altogether.


The recession has obviously hit everyone but it is the younger generation right out of school with little work experience that has gotten hit the hardest. College graduates are now faced with being out of school with big loans due, no where to live, and no job being offered to them. In cases like these, the safest place to go is back home and apparently 85% of you are doing just that!

If you are just starting college, it would be smart to do some research and decide to major in something that pays well and there is demand for. Think ahead before you choose your major and you might even consider not majoring in your favorite area. After all, why get a degree in history if there are no jobs out there for history majors?

It seems right now that anything having to do with computers, technology, and science seems to have demand and jobs in those field pay well too. Figure out how you can graduate with a degree in something that will help you actually get a job. College is expensive and while those four years are fun, they are really meant to groom you for a job in the real world. Get a degree in a discipline that you will be able to profit from down the line and maybe you won’t be one of the ones who has to move back home with your parents!



You probably know that jobs are at a premium right now. If you are in college, you are probably concerned that when you graduate, there will continue to be a shortage of jobs. Here you are, spending all your money and time to get that degree, and if there aren’t any jobs on the other side then what is the use?

If you can, you should try to get a college job that you can work part time (or full time) that may turn into a full time job when you graduate. In other words, rather than working at the college library, rec center bowling alley, or some other on campus job, you might try to find something that can turn into a real job after you graduate.

While you are in college, you can get jobs that are part time in the field you are studying. If you are able to get one of these, the management can make a determination whether they like you. When it does come time to graduate, you will already have your foot in the door and have a much better chance of getting hired than you would right off the street.

It used to be that FIND THESE USEFUL JOBS TIPS for college students here could be anything that paid the bills and they still can be. However, with this economy so awful right now you need to do things a little differently and plan ahead more than you would if these were normal times. Rather than get the easy job waiting tables, the college student who is really concerned about his or her future might make the sacrifice and look for a job that is more demanding. You can always look for part time business jobs for college students that will get you started.


Now, there is no guarantee that one of these “better” jobs can be found and you might have to take a part time job just to pay the bills while you keep looking for that better job. Being in college and looking out at the future is not as fun as it was just 5 short years ago. Everyone is hurting financially and the college students that do a better job of planning ahead may still come out OK.



This MSN article about a possible lost generation, describes the dire job situation in the world for younger workers. It is not only in America that high school and college graduates are having difficulty finding jobs. Japan has had problems for years and now the whole world has joined in with economic turmoil that has especially hurt the younger workers trying to find work.

Jobs for college students and graduates are at a low point that many of us have never witnessed before. Students are thrust out into the workplace eager to find jobs and start earning money. For several years now though, the number of jobs have just not been there to match the number of new workers wanting them. This has led to an especially high unemployment rate for this young generation and much discontent.


Students go to college and pay very high tuition for one reason: to help them get a better job than they could have had they not gone. After putting in four or more hard years of study, to not have any hope of finding a job after graduation is demoralizing and even harmful. Without the right number of jobs, this generation is facing increased depression and they are facing all sorts of troubles on a widespread scale.

In order to save for retirement, the earlier you begin the better. Without jobs, younger workers cannot start saving or digging themselves out from under the college debt they have incurred. This has left many of them bitter and hope is something that is fading fast. Jobs for college students is the only thing that allows many of them to get by and start paying off their bills.

As older workers try to hang on to their jobs longer, the younger generation suffers in ways never seen before. When they finally do get a job sometime in the future, their enthusiasm for any sort of work may have dwindled. They may have financial pressures that they shouldn’t have as a result of not being to find work for so long. It is not a pretty overall picture.

Each generation has it’s hardships and this one seems to have inherited one where jobs are more scarce than ever before. Some generations have to deal with war and drafts and others have different challenges. It looks like it will be some time before there are enough jobs to satisfy the demand and until then, the younger workers are going to be the ones left on the sideline.


There are certain things that job hunters should be doing today that weren’t even around just a year or two ago. If you are a college graduate or a college student looking for a job, now is the time you should start learning about all the online tools that will help you get a good job.


Many of you have probably heard of or are using MySpace, FaceBook, or Twitter to connect with family, friends, and so on.  Those sites are mostly for fun. In the working world though, people use a professional networking site called LinkedIn. If you are currently employed or looking for jobs for college students, this is a great tool to get you connected to others so you can  exchange information, ideas, and find job opportunities.

There is a saying, “It’s all about who you know” when looking for a job.  Well there is great truth to this; especially now days when jobs are limited and so much competition is out there even for entry level positions.  Companies are much more likely to hire someone is who referred by an employee of the company versus someone no one knows.  Networking plays a big role in getting any job.

How Do You Sign Up?

Just like in any other social networking site, you first create a personal profile on the LinkedIn site.  The basic membership and profile is free and is all I have ever needed.  Once you have a profile you can build your networking contact list.  I would start out and see if any of your friends, family, neighbors, etc or a part of linked in.  If they are, request to become connected to them. As your connections build, so do your contacts.  You gain first, second, and third level connections.  It works much like the 7 points of separation idea.

How Does It Work?

So, let’s say I have a friend who works at Target.  (We are 1st level connections)   I look up their profile and see that they have connections to family and friends. One of the friends works at HomeDepot where I am interested in working.  I send a request to the HomeDepot worker asking to be connected.  The request will say that we have a friend in common (Target worker).  If the HomeDepot workers accepts the request, they become one of your 2nd level connections. Now that you are connected, you can contact them via email to discuss what work is like at HomeDepot and hopefully get connected to a hiring manager at a store.

Since LinkedIn is a PROFESSIONAL networking site, it is important that your communications are workplace appropriate.  This may be the place where you make a first impression and you want to make sure that impression is a positive one.

If you create a linked in profile, I would suggest that you look over your other networking sites (MySpace, FaceBook, etc and either make them private or make sure you do not have any pictures, videos, or written info that would cause someone to question whether or not to hire you.  Hiring managers and recruiters look at the social networking sites when they are verify employee information and to find information about the character of a person.  Always make sure your sites represent you in a positive way.


President Obama’s Student Loan Forgiveness Program was officially introduced several years ago, and included some extremely important reforms to Federal Student Loan Debt Forgiveness benefits. The three most important changes introduced by the Obama loan forgiveness program were:

  1. Offering complete loan forgiveness to any borrower after they’ve made 240 monthly payments (20 years worth of payments)
  2. Updating the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF), to offer loan forgiveness after 120 monthly payments (10 years of payments)
  3. Introducing a new Federal Student Loan Repayment Plan, called the Pay As You Earn Plan (PAYE)


There has been a lot of buzz lately about the possibility of student loan forgiveness but it is really nothing more than a rumor. It is one of the things the protestors of Occupy Wall Street want but the reality is that it is very unlikely to ever happen.

Today though, President Obama did outline some new guidelines that should make every college student happy and make paying their loans back a bit easier. His plan was supposed to begin in 2014 but due to the deteriorating economy and the dire need for help, students deserve this break sooner than later he said.

1) Starting in 2012 Obama’s plan will lower the student loan maximum payment from 15% to 10% of discretionary annual income. Another important change is that unpaid debt will be forgiven after 20 years instead of the 25 years that is currently on the books. These changes will make things financially easier on students who are struggling to pay off loans.

2) Also meant to financially aid students will be the new ability to consolidate loans from the Federal Family Education Load Program and any direct government loans into one loan. This will enable students who have both of these kinds of loans to get a lower overall interest rate, maybe as much as half a point better than before. Affecting millions of students who have loans, these new measures are meant to make college more affordable at a time when most everyone needs relief.


Of course none of this is going to help anyone get a job and that is also on the mind of most college students and recent graduates. College GRADUATES jobs are in high demand and a very stressful subject for most young people. The American dream of going to college and graduating to find a good solid job waiting for them seems to be a dream of the past. With Unemployment rates approaching 10% and no indication that things are going to get better, today’s college students are in a very bad financial position, especially with the exorbitant tuition prices we now see everywhere.

It is also very possible that President Obama, by having these measures start in 2012 instead of 2014, is hoping to get more votes from students and younger people who might benefit from them. It is well known that he won his presidency with wide support from college students in 2008 and he surely wants that vote again next year.

Will these new student loan relief measures put forth today make you more likely to vote for Obama in 2012?



It’s definitely back to school time for many college students. At the University of Arizona and some other colleges around the country, students are already arriving and getting settled in for another exciting year. If you want a college job, NOW is the time to get out there and start looking.

1) You might start out by looking at your college’s website to see what jobs are posted there. Usually they will have all jobs within the university such as library jobs, food service jobs, RA jobs, and other types of work where you won’t even need to leave campus. Often times though, while convenient, those jobs won’t pay as much as you might be able to make off campus.

2) After looking online you should head off to shops and restaurants surrounding your school. The earlier you begin your job hunt there, the more likely you will be to find actual jobs that are open. You can’t procrastinate though because if you wait until everyone is back at school, all jobs will probably already be gone.

3) In order to find other openings in the areas surrounding your college, you go online to Snagajob to see what else is available. These will be part time and hourly jobs that should be a good fit for you.

The best advice in 2017 if you are looking for good jobs for college students is to drop everything and get out there pounding the pavement THE MINUTE YOU ARRIVE! Put as much time as you can up front in your effort to get hired because if you wait it might be too late.


Is it too late to find Christmas and other seasonal jobs for college and graduates students? It’s not but it soon will be!

There are a few different types of jobs you can get that are hiring now for the holidays. The obvious one is retail stores that need extra workers to deal with the bigger crowds during the Christmas shopping season. You can get a job stocking shelves, as a salesperson, a cashier, a wrapper or any other need that retail stores have when they are busy.

Restaurants also do much more business during the winter holidays as more people are out shopping  and need places to eat. There is a lot more entertaining done at this time of year as well and this all translates to an increased need for restaurants to hire additional help.

Any other type of business you can think of that deals directly with the public might also be a candidate to need extra help and thus be a potential place to look for a job. Jobs that are hiring are out there right now so if you are in need of a college job, now is the time to get out there and start looking.

If you do get a job in a restaurant, now is the time for the biggest tips as people are a little more free with their money. Anyone who has worked for tips knows that the holiday season is the best time to get tips and this year will hopefully be no different. The economy is down though and this may mean that jobs for college students like waiting tables where you make most of your money from tips, will not pay as much as they have in years past.


One of the jobs for college students you might consider is that of a resident hall advisor otherwise known as an RA.

This is a job you might really enjoy but it is not for everyone. The type of individual that may enjoy this type of job is one that doesn’t mind living in a dormitory or university housing. They must also be willing to work on weekends and evenings as well as move in early and move out after everyone else. You will usually have to take an elective course designed for RAs as well as attend a training retreat. Because of great amount of team work, one should enjoy interacting and leading others.

What Is This Job About?

The main focus of a resident advisor job for college students is too keep the resident halls safe, ensure everyone complies with the laws (including no drinking until 21), and provide educational programs and activities. It is estimated that you will work about 15 to 20 hours per week and this involves being “on duty” one night per week and usually one weekend per month.

Being “on duty” means staying in your room or in the main areas of your housing complex so you are around and available if others need you. You will also need to man the desk/mail area for a couple hours to hand out toilet paper, light bulbs, and other items that residents may need.

I Resident advisor jobsn the evening you will be doing “rounds” every couple hours until midnight or later. This activity involves walking around the whole resident hall ensuring the safety and adherence to university and state laws. You will be checking in on parties that are occurring, making sure that all people attending are of legal age. If attendees are not of legal drinking age you must dispose of all alcohol in the room, take the names of all attendees and write up paper work regarding the event for all residents in attendance that were not of legal age and for the residents of the actual room who hosted the partied with minors in attendance. The worst part of the job many RA’s find, is having to break up parties. It is not fun, but as long as you have good people skills most students are pretty understanding and know that you are only doing your job.

How Much Does It Pay?

The benefits of and RA job usually include FREE room and board and you get a room to yourself! It is great not having to share your room with others and you get twice the space as the regular residents without paying a dime. In addition, you will usually get a small stipend each month. This ranges from college to college but usually a few hundred dollars. What is the greatest benefit is that you have an outstanding job to put on your resume. This position requires a lot of responsibility and provides great skills that are needed in today’s workforce. That alone make the job a great one.

How Do I Get A Resident Advisor Job?

As far as the interview process goes, it is a bit lengthy. In additional to providing your resume, cover letter, and application materials, you must also go through several interviews and group activities. Those judging you are looking at how well you work in a team, your ability to lead, and your ability to communicate one on one. Due to the nature of the job it is very rare that freshmen would be able to apply for the job. Most RA are usually juniors or seniors with a few sophomores in the mix.

It is recommended that college students apply during their freshmen year to start the job when they are sophomores. If you do get the job and it well, you pretty much have a job ready for you the remainder of your college years, if you want it. Even if you don’t get the job the first time around, you should still apply the next year. After going through the application and interview process one time prior, you will know what to expect and you will do better in the interview and group activity process.

If you enjoy student life and are a people person, an RA position is one of the best jobs for college students that you can get. It will be nice to be able to add it onto your resume and it will benefit you later on after graduation.

Job Interview Tips for College Students

Everyone is looking for jobs for college students. Many have been looking all year and others may be just starting hoping to find something for this summer. Either way, it is quite apparent that getting a job right now is a big challenge.

You will most likely have to interview to get any type of a job, whether it be an hourly part time job or something higher paying and more permanent. There are more people in all age groups of society than there are jobs right now so the competition is high and the ball is really in the employer’s court. They have the luxury of choosing the best and you the job seeker has to do the best you can to stand out from all the other applicants.

When you interview for any job there is one thing you must make sure you DON”T do. That is, to come across as bitter, frustrated, angry, or any other adjective that might show that you are upset with how hard it is to find work.

Many of you have been looking for a long time and been through many interviews. It is getting old to never be called back or to not get any hint that you are getting closer to a job. The more interviews you do and the more failures you have, it becomes easy to let your frustrations show. This is NOT something any interviewer wants to see and it shows your character in a negative way. Even though it is perfectly understandable to be upset and frustrated, you just don’t want to let that be known in an interview.

Keeping upbeat and hopeful is a trick in an of itself in this job market. Good jobs for college graduates are damn hard to find and after 4 or more years of studying and working hard for that degree, it is a big letdown to seemingly not get any reward. It is tough for all students looking for jobs but if you let it get to you, it will show in an interview and that will be an automatic strike against you.

Put yourself in a recruiter’s position: would you hire a college student who is negative and appears upset or would you hire someone who acts as though this is the first interview and they are ready to get going on the job if hired. Interviewers and recruiters can tell if you are upbeat and positive and they will probably only choose those that are. So, if it seems like forever since you started looking for a job, take a look at the things you say in an interview and your body language. Perhaps you need to change some of those right away to give yourself a better chance.