Jobs for college students: where do you find them and where should you be looking for them? Of course you would probably want to search around your college campus and the surrounding area for jobs as those jobs would be easy to commute to. You should also do as much job hunting online as you can as that is where many companies now find new recruits. Luckily, most online job websites are free for you to post your resume and look for jobs as well. Listed below is a list of the ones you might want to submit your resume to and they also have many jobs listed at each of them.

Snagajob (FREE) – As a college student, you mght want a part time job to do in conjunction with school. Snagajob is the biggest online job site that specializes in part time and hourly work. This is the perfect place to go to find a part time job while you are in college.

Job.com (FREE) – This is one of the largest job sites on the Internet and you can submit your resume here and look for a job. They have a large amount of available jobs in their database.

Monster.com (FREE) – This is the single largest online job website and it is free to submit your resume and search for open jobs.


Whatever job(s) you have during your four years of college, the money you make should NOT be wasted. College jobs today are harder to find than they were 10 or 20 years ago and chances are you worked hard to find one. It is a real life learning experience that unfortunately, shows you just how difficult it is to find employment out in the “real” world. So, once you have that job you should value it and use the money you make wisely.

One of the last things college students think about is saving money. They are busy spending it on books, food, rent, tuition, and everything else that typically goes with a college education. Saving and investing? THAT can wait.

But times are harder now for everyone in America and money doesn’t flow as freely as it once did. Unemployment is up, wages are down, and expenses are up as many Americans who once considered themselves middle class now find themselves struggling to make ends meat.

If you are in college you should be paying attention to what is happening around you and planning ahead. That means start learning how to save and then how to invest that savings. Always remember, Social Security was not ever meant to fully fund your retirement and for anyone in their 20′s or 30′s, there is absolutely no guarantee you will ever see a dime back from SS. You need to start saving now and building up a nest egg on your own. Being in debt like most people are is a killer and millions of potential retirees are finding that they have to work more years just to get by.

College students need to learn how to shape their own destiny rather than rely on the government. That means put money from every paycheck you make somewhere safe and then when you have a couple thousand, open up a stock market account. Buying stocks at a young age is the best time to do it because you have a long time to invest the money. Learn how the market works because it has been proven to be the best long term vehicle for income generation. Interest rates are close to nothing now and stocks are the best option for anyone who is young.

Additionally, the more you learn about the stock market, the more financially sophisticated you will become. Knowledge is power (you’ve heard it a thousand times) and the more you learn about your finances the better off you will be down the road. College students in 2014 are really behind the 8-ball with all the economic strife that is headed their way in America. Heck, with ObamaCare the younger generations are going to even be footing the bill for older people’s health care. So start learning to save every penny you can and learn how to buy stocks with that savings. You will be glad you did later on.