Now is one of the worst times in history to be in college if you think of it from the standpoint of what types of opportunities await you on the outside once you graduate. High unemployment is here to stay for quite a while and it looks like every student who is attending college today is going to have to face that fact.

We all want good jobs for college students and graduates but now you have to start being smart about it and planning ahead. Way ahead.

Picking the right major is imperative today because lets face it, not all jobs pay the same. And with unemployment such a concern, there are industries and fields that have much more opportunity and higher pay than others.

For instance, based on this very useful chart from the Wall Street Journal (you can sort it too), it seems that careers in science, engineering, finance, and nursing will be some of the better choices for new college graduates. Those fields not only have the lowest unemployment rates but they have some of the highest pay as well. On the flip side, it is not hard to understand why majoring in history, English, art, or psychology will make it harder for you to find a good job that pays what you probably think you are worth.

Planning ahead and choosing the right major and career is so important now that the cost of getting a degree is so high. You can read article after article on how students today are struggling with debt, having to move back home, and even having to declare bankruptcy just because their debts are so high and jobs are so hard to find. Now is the time to do the smart thing and plan your major carefully and know what you are getting yourself into when you graduate.

Jobs for college graduate used to be something that students could take for granted. With a degree in hand, most students would be able to find some kind of work. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case and the sooner you realize exactly how dire the situation is, the more able you will be to plan ahead and make the right choices.

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