College Students & Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is one of the hottest concepts in the world of technology these days, and it has vast implications in a variety of different environments. Of course, for the most part we tend to hear about how cloud storage can be useful for businesses and business owners that operate largely online. But in the last year or two, college students are also starting to take advantage of cloud storage capabilities in numerous ways. Here are a few particular examples of just how the average student can benefit from cloud storage.

File Transfer

The need to send big files arises fairly frequently for college students, whether it’s sending a lengthy paper or thesis back and forth with a professor, or even sending a video or PowerPoint presentation. Ordinary email services will often suffice in these situations, but with cloud storage you can easily upload these large files to a cloud to be accessed from anywhere at any time. It’s a simpler way of making your papers and presentations available when they are too large for convenient transfer.

Backing Up Documents

Another common problem that students face is that they can lose important files and documents in the event that something happens to a computer they’ve been using. For example, if you write a vital paper on your laptop and that laptop is damaged or stolen, you may lose the paper permanently! With such files saved to your cloud, however, you can still access them from any Internet-capable computer or device. It won’t help you get your laptop back, but it can save your GPA.

Collaborating On Projects

In addition to simplifying file transfer, the cloud can also offer you a much easier way to collaborate with other students, or even professors, on projects. Group work is fairly standard in many college classes, but it can be difficult for students to coordinate their schedules in a way that allows them to work together. Usually, the result of this issue is that one or two students end up doing all the work. However, if you can save a paper or project to a cloud that each student in the group can access, collaboration becomes a great deal simpler, as it doesn’t require as much coordination from a scheduling perspective.

Organizing Schoolwork

Finally, cloud storage can also offer you some basic organizational benefits. College students with personal computers often end up with relatively crowded and cluttered digital organization, simply because those computers are used for both work and personal activity. With access to a cloud network, you can simply create folders for your schoolwork that don’t show up on your computer, but can be accessed easily.